Travel and residence regulations for people with HIV and AIDS

As a resource for travelers around the world, Karl Lemmen and Peter Wiessner of the German AIDS Federation and European Aids Treatment Group (EATG) and David Haerry have put together Travel and Residence Regulations for People with HIV and AIDS 2008, which is now available online through ILGA.

The editions available below in PDF reflect the most up-to-date information available end 2008 (in English, German, Italian, Polish - earlier for French and Spanish).

An online version in English is available on the website of the International AIDS Society at

This Global Database on HIV-Related Travel Restrictions is an initiative of the German AIDS Federation, the European AIDS Treatment Group and the International AIDS Society. The Database provides updated information from 196 countries, on existing regulations denying entry or residency for people living with HIV, based on relevant country legislation. Wherever possible the database informs about the mechanisms used in practice, to support implementation and enforcement of HIV-related travel restrictions. It is the successor to earlier information provided on the European AIDS Treatment Group web site.

ILGA has facilitated translation in Portuguese and Spanish thanks to a large team of volunteers and Spanish and Portuguese online versions will soon be available.

PDF documents are available below in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish.

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